TechSprout – Achieving more by sharing common goals and parallel vision.

TechSprout doesn’t succeed by sharing a unified vision from a group of directors within our company, but through a global perspective reinforced by data and accountability from our investments, partnerships, and clients around the world.

Through our in-depth consulting with each prospective investment we identify any financial advantages and disadvantages that may be required for continuous funding of innovative business models. Robust data collection and analysis, and client-education, is critical to strengthen implementation of our goals and progress the objectives of our multi-stakeholder partnerships

Complex goals can be achieved when we work together.

As our global economy evolves it becomes critically important for the success of a business to understand the steps necessary to achieve complex goals. TechSprout helps to rapidly identify┬áthe short-term practical steps on financial allocations, resource mobilization, sustainable practices, governance oversight, and policy changes which ultimately progresses us towards a healthier, safer future – for the people and planet.


We focus on investing in companies committed to diverse board composition, strong responsible oversight, data-guided forecasting, and shareholder friendly policies.

Social Impact

We understand the social impact of SMB, SME, and large Corporations. That’s why our investments and partnerships involve some of the world’s largest corporations and organizations committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace.


We believe in investing in companies that have been in practice or are actively responding to consumer demand for sustainable practices.