The emperor is completely and utterly naked.

He’s not wearing a single article of clothing while the people around him don’t want to be accused of being stupid…they remain silent and go along with the absurdity.

The naked emperor parades down the street and it is only when a plain speaking simple boy finally vocalizes the lunacy that the nonsense finally ends.

Do you resonate with the emperor or the simple boy?

Have you been paying attention to the global financial system? More specifically, the coordinated ballet of unrelated stocks in unrelated industries all sharing the same (algorithmic) pattern preceding legal changes and preceding large shifts?

This isn’t an anomaly.

Here is a brief summary of the specifics:

Banks, Hedgefunds, and Wall Street have been stealing from retailers (investors/the average working Joe)/”Main Street” by creating synthetic shorts, using TRS (known as total reverse swaps), RRP (known as reverse repurchase agreements), futures (Futures are derivative financial contracts that obligate the parties to transact an asset at a predetermined future date and price. The buyer must purchase or the seller must sell the underlying asset at the set price, regardless of the current market price at the expiration date), DOOMPs (Deep out the money PUTS) and other manipulations and tactics to bankrupt companies, and have done so for over a decade. Blockbuster, Sears, Toys R Us to name a couple notables.

Timeline of events:

January 2021: Hedge funds/short sellers get caught in a “short squeeze” or sneeze as the internet is naming it. There was a retail frenzy and a specific stock skyrocketed UP. On the way up Robinhoods “buy” button is disabled and retail investors realize something is very wrong. Google still is burying the story. That’s ok. Robinhood stocks have tanked since.

For the next year retail investors research what happened and why. Retail investors come to the conclusion that there is and has been massive market manipulation related to certain stocks and short sellers. Around that point in time we began noticing that some of our competitors reported earnings were “unusually” high and just didn’t make sense (30,000-50,000% annual gains, ridiculous rapid investments into obvious shell corporations, investments that return immediately with little to no scrutiny). Techsprout began looking into some of our competitors histories, MA’s (mergers and acquisitions), and public filings. The data simply didn’t make sense or add up. 

Simultaneously and within a short period of internet time, a small group of retail investors assembled online and unified, made a hypothesis, and created a plan to catch SHFs red handed by buying and DRSing (registering the stock in your name) the stock of a certain company that was turning itself around and is (now) worth billions.

Techsprout’s competitors are well known banks, hedge funds, Investment firms, and certain global corporations.

February 2021: Retail investors began seeing a consistent manipulative pattern with certain stocks. This in turn leads to “internet sleuths” tracking dark pools and monitoring AH (after hours stock market) price movements. Retail investors notice large scale manipulation and crypto coverages. 

May 26, 2021: SEC asks for documents from a certain company. Sauce

Much happens between June and December but for the time being we will refrain from the specifics for undisclosed reasons until a future date. During this time we learn about rampant rehypothecation and “thin-air synthetics”. Crypto begins getting scrutiny as a possible/most likely vessel for money laundering.

December 10, 2021: DOJ opens investigation into hedge funds and short sellers. Sauce

We learn from certain Investment bankers that US companies are utilizing Chinese junk bonds as margin collateral to finance other global hedge activities (one of the core tactics of Techsprout’s competitors). These certain competitors utilized a myriad of loopholes and programs called SPVs (special purpose vehicles) to buy ETFs that hold (Chinese) junk bonds. Literally creating billions out of nothing overseas and re-allocating it back to the US through illicit tactics and loopholes. Sauce 

We watch Evergrande IMPLODE in china. Not a coincidence. Sauce

(Early) January 2022: thousands of retail investors watch and record as market data is manipulated in REAL TIME. More blatant market manipulation. 

(Mid) January 2022: Massive single SPY transaction of $30 billion (93 million units, when typically 5 days of transactions equal an average of 88 million). Most likely a transfer of assets to the NSCC/DTC to regain collateral. As of September of 2021 no one had enough individually, but JPMC had the most at 66mil units. Sauce

It is very interesting to note that JP morgan + GoldmanSachs or BoA would add up surprisingly well…

January 31st-ish 2022: All banks, yes all..have unrealized gains in the negative. Sauce

February 3, 2022: Massive secure document storage facility burns for days outside of Chicago. Cause of fire determined before firefighters enter building. Internet sleuths review the investigation and again realize something is not right. Building held documents for TD Ameritrade and other SHFs… building and contents “a total loss”. Google search results intentionally attempting to bury the story. Convenient. Sauce

We also see FB/Meta nosedive. Not a coincidence. Sauce

We see attempts at blocking Congress/Sentate from purchasing stocks. Ban the fed but this accomplishes nothing. Not a coincidence: sauce

We see Credit Suisse hacked and exposed (one of the hundreds of accomplices): sauce

Coordinated campaigns in the media wrote thousands of articles with baseless claims with little or no sourcing that directly spoke against specific investments and attempted to get investors to dump this certain specific stock (market manipulation). Sometime shortly before the last elections (political siding is irrelevant. Choosing a side of politics is like choosing between the stern or the bow on the Titanic) a bot army was activated, scripted, and specific online media agencies were paid. (They left a clear digital and paper trail of evidence).  Sauce

There was notable slip-ups by the media as they somehow knew and published articles predicting the price action prior to market opening. They attempted to delete them in a cover up. This didn’t work. Way back machine/archives captured this as well as intelligent retail investors SS and videos. See for yourself:

If you type this into the google search bar:


You will see the indexing time was before the price plummeted.

This is the article in question.

Original tweet:

We have spoken and met with the SEC, CFPB, CFTC, DTCC, and other agencies in an on-going attempt to bring awareness to this profuse corruption. Hundreds of others came forward and submitted their findings as well.

The number of stocks that have hit a 52 week low dwarfs the 2000 dot-com bubble. 

Numerous journalists/reporters have been cleaning their social media in the last two weeks. 

In the last few weeks a DOJ investigation has begun and over 300 subpoenas have been served, charges regarding financial fraud, market manipulation, and other crimes with (with RICO offenses) were handed out. More are coming.

Here is an exhaustive list of those invited to the party or with significant collusion:

The Voltron Fund

Abdiel Global Fund

Advent Capital Management

Advisors Asset Management

Affinity Investment Advisors, LLC

AH Lisanti Capital Growth LLC

Apex Capital Management (Dayton, OH)


Ativo Capital Management, LLC

Bahl & Gaynor

Blueshift Asset Management

Brown Advisory LLC

Brown Capital Management, Inc.

Campbell Newman Asset Management, Inc.

Candlestick Capital Management

Channing Capital Management, LLC

Chicago Equity Partners, LLC

Cinctive Capital Management


City National Rochdale

Cooke & Bieler, LP

Credit Suisse 

Decatur Capital Management, Inc.

EAM Investors, LLC

Edgar Lomax CO/VA

Exchange Traded Concepts

ExodusPoint Capital Management

Fiera Capital Inc.

Fortaleza Asset Management

Fourpoints Investment Managers SAS

Glacier Capital

GlobeFlex Capital, LP

Glovista Investments, LLC

Goldman Sachs

Greenoaks Capital Partners

Group One Trading

Hanseatic Management Services, Inc.

Hartford Investment Management

Herndon Capital Management

Hightower Advisors, LLC

Holland Capital Management LLC

IFP Advisors, Inc

KG&L Capital Management LLC

Lombardia Capital Partners, LLC

Managed Asset Portfolios, LLC

Mar Vista Investment Partners LLC

Matarin Capital Management, LLC

Melvin Capital

Morgan Stanley 

National Asset Management, Inc

Nicholas Investment Partners, LP

NorthPointe Capital LLC

Oakbrook Investments LLC

Opus Capital Group, LLC

Paradigm Asset Management Co LLC

Phocas Financial Corporation

Piedmont Investment Advisors LLC

PNC Capital Advisors LLC

Point Break Capital Management


Redwood Investments, LLC

Reinhart Mahoney Capital Management Inc

Seizert Capital Partners LLC

Simplex Trading LLC

Stackline Partners LP

Steward Partners Investment Advisory, LLC

StoneRidge Investment Partners, LLC

Strategic Global Advisors, LLC


The Edgar Lomax Company

Thomas White International, Ltd.

Twin Tree Management, LP

Two Sigma Investments, LP

Vision Capital Management, Inc

White Square Capital

Zevenbergen Capital Investments LLC

The next few days, weeks, and months are going to be a tumultuous period for individuals that have not prepared for the sweeping changes and revelations that are coming.